Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Il y a Un Produit

One of my goals for this trip is to find the "perfect" twine in sisal, linen or other natural fiber. This will be used to tie up some of the linens bought on this trip, hang tags, and a multitude of other uses. Something that will not shed onto the linens.

My first thought was the Co-Op on the ring road, but that has moved or gone, so I headed up to Bricorama, aka Monsieur Brico. Bricoler is a verb that can have several meanings, but it is closest to "do it yourself" or "to tinker." France's answer to Home Depot!
I found some thin twine in natural linen, not what I wanted but I got 3 balls for $2 each. Then I headed over to find some oven cleaner, as the Boys burned something up in there and cooking is now a smoke bomb. Instead of a caustic cleaner, I got a degreaser, and will give it a try~
The French are very specific about their cleaning materials~
depending on the material and the desired effect (to clean, to degrease, to wax to seal) you will find a wide array of products~
this is why when you ask a French person how to do something, e.g. how to clean your terra cotta floor tiles, they will often respond, "Il y a un produit...."
this means "there is a product" (for what you specifically want to accomplish). Here, to renovate and protect parquet floors, with a little wax and shine~
this one is soap to clean parquet floors which have been treated with oil, to nourish the floor~
there is a wide wide range of bathroom products too!
and many of the products are "green," more than we have in the States~
something for teak & exotic woods; there was a very long aisle just packed with all kinds of produits, and this mostly from one producer "Starwax" made in France~
meanwhile, two minutes away, I stopped at Faupin to see what they had for sisal or other natural twine. Here you can find everything the vintner would desire; a bottler, I think~
wine barrels, aka tonneaux~
this is a general view of part of the store; everything is here!
How much fun would it be to drive one of these buggies? They ride above the vines to help you with your parcel. You can buy one new~
or rent one or buy used~
you can even get just a new cab, it is here waiting for you chez Faupin!
The good news is that Monsieur at Faupin told me where the Co-Op has moved, so tomorrow I will go there to search for the perfect twine. I wanted something sort of agricultural, natural and durable, so in France I would find something here.

Unlike yesterday, today was actually productive! I started with a battery of phone calls: to the insurer, the framer, the electrician and a few vignobles for tasting. R & I went a few streets over to see the framer, he carried the sticks and I carried the painting. More soon on that progress. Tomorrow too I will go see Marie-Paul at her antique store. Lots more to show!

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  1. Greetings Andrea - So fun to tag along on your hunt for the perfect French twine. One of my favorite things to do when visiting a new country is to visit their grocery markets and hardware stores. I love checking out their products & their packaging. I'm a bit strange!

    This post was so fun as they all have been. Just continue to have a fabulous time. xo Deb