Friday, September 3, 2010


I can't believe summer is almost over! Well, in case I get wistful, I just have to remember that as soon as I get back from France I will be planning merchandise for next summer. Summer 2011 will be here before we know it.

I really feel that we are due for a resurgence of the Espadrille. And wouldn't they go great with your baskets? The price point is perfect for today's economy. The best ones come from the Basque country of France and Spain, but you find them all over, on men and women, in the South of France and Italy and Spain. My favorite is a shop in San Sebastian, Spain, filled to the ceiling with all styles and colors.

The Classic of course, is the canvas-top with hand-stitched jute sole, in a flat:
I have not seen the classics in the States for several years. I found these Net a Porter linen and jute ones for 85 Pounds Sterling. Cute, but not in my budget....especially for something I will probably wear out in one summer. There seem to be a lot of "fancy" espadrille-inspired shoes on the market, but how about the basic versions?
Cheap or expensive, the look is great with a hat, gold jewelery and white linen. In the South, years ago, the chic look was a long linen topper over a black bikini and wedged black espadrilles just like these, which I tracked down in Paris and are still in my closet. Of course, I wore them only once in Paris!
I also love the laceup flats; the laces tie around your ankle with a little bow at the back, and flatter your feet nicely; I switched out the cotton laces for silk satin ribbon, for a dressier look:
But the ones I really love are the wedgey bleu marine ones like these; wouldn't these be cool? The marin or sailor's blue and white top was so "in" this summer, maybe next year the stripes will go to our feet?
Sorry for the little thumbnails. My client G emailed me regarding finding a pair for her, and that just got me thinking....for next summer...


  1. Years ago when Pier 1 carried clothing and shoes I would regularly buy espadrilles in black and cream. I don't think I have ever worn a more comfortable shoe. Yes please. You need to find a source. :)

  2. haha I have a source already....size and color choices please, I will bring a handful of them back for my testers to test....

  3. lovley lovley! Are you going to start carrying these as well? Let me know.


  4. Andrea, I adore the navy & white stripe as well! I hop you start carrying them, they will be a huge hit!

    Art by Karena