Sunday, September 12, 2010

Toujours Classique

It's always darkest before the dawn, right? Before arriving in Paris par avion, one is offered some of the most inedible food possible; rolls that could pass for leather softballs, faux "butter" (actually hydrogenized oils). But it is ok to arrive in Paris with a hunger, because some of the world's best delights await you there....

I arrived late, and did not leave the airport until after 11am. I was expected in the Moselle region of France, near the German border, for dinner at the ancestral village of my father's family, so there was little time. I opted to "make a quick pass" by the Fleas at Clignancourt, then stop in Paris if possible for a visit to my favorite Mis en Demeure.

Yeah right, it is not possible to spend just 2 hours at the flea....I was there for four. Making a quick run through my favorite aisles was easy, but there is no such thing as rushing it when you get into a conversation with the vendors.

My first stop was to see Patrick at Zerline; still going strong. He had one of his famous chandeliers:
You can see much of his merchandise and look on the website, but trust me, there is nothing like seeing his galleries. I loved these candlesticks; 18eme Italian:
Around the markets, commerce was still strong though off the highs; people don't come and drop$50,000 like they used to; still, this is a distillation of the best antiques of France, though you pay through the nose for them, they are worth it~
The French continue to love whimsy, even better if it is grand format:

There was not a single grain sack item to be seen. Not a one. But the classics are everywhere:
References to the Classic and Antique have been found at these markets forever; they never go out of style:
Handsome mirrors, cotton & linen in shades of white, marble and a little gilding....
Timeless looks, you always find at the flea~
botanicals, geometric displays!
Portraits and statues~
clock faces, classic forms, beautiful woods, seashells; all remain popular here~
as I tried to leave, I was still snapping pics from the street:
this was the most "cutting edge" booth I saw, lots of classic whites but wall to wall botanicals in the back, a take on the school/educational posters, whatever you call those~
In the end, I did buy some items, which I will show you soon. By 3:30 I was on the road, along with the rest of Paris; car on fire on the peripherique, the usual French chaos with a 2 Chevaux en panne in front of the toll booth~
I have been shopping the last three days and am very very pleased with my purchases; off to la Poste and Casino (grocery store) now but I'll tell you more this evening....


  1. So much to do, so little time. Have the most fabulous time Andrea and your pics are making me re-think the unpacking of my bags. Thank you for your lovely comments while I was away, so nice to read my favorite voices at the end of each busy day. Shall look forward to touring along with you via your posts. Much love XO

  2. Glad to see you arrived safely and have wasted no time having fun! I feel like I'm getting to take the trip with you - just via the blog!

    There's a little bit of consolation in knowing that they aren't giving the antiques away at bargain basement prices. It would be just too much to bear to see all those lovely antiques so cheap and too far away to shop myself! (Is that a bit selfish or is it just that I'm trying to reassure myself that those things really are out of my price range right now?)

    Thanks for keeping us posted!

  3. I am DYING, dying I tell you from the green envy. I adore it all. Shop on my friend.

  4. I am loving the black and white botanicals, really Loving!
    I'm happy your sharing with us while you are away, I thought I would have to wait until you got back. Enjoy every second.