Saturday, September 25, 2010

Baskets from France

I constantly scout and scour for new & vintage baskets while I am in France. I look at what people are carrying, and what is on offer at every local market or store. Thank God R is so patient with me. Though sometimes I love to drive off by myself; because when a sign such as this presents itself, my vehicle makes a hard stop~
Beaune's Saturday market presents many basket shopping opportunities; it's great to compare notes with the two vendors as they know me and that I sell in the States; next time I think I should source some of these double-covered baskets, but from the supplier, not the reseller in Beaune or else it will be too dear in the States~
On this trip I found some baskets, but not nearly as many as I had hoped. I bought this one as a gift, for the blue stripes, they look like a big ticking, don't they?

this one came on the plane with me; it was my "personal item." Yeah. I maxed this puppy out with glass bottles and jars and stuff; it was about 100 lbs and I was exhausted. The basket was a little fatigue too when it arrived. But it survived and I will use it or sell it~I bought a flat, tray-shaped basket, new, with grey tone; no idea of its origin, but it has a great patina and Elle and I will use it soon~

the texture and color look really great when you add in vintage monogrammed French dishtowels on top~
Also came home with a great vintage wine gathering basket or panier de vendange from the Champagne region; I love this one; it is medium size so very versatile~

there is a reason the old baskets are hard to come by; they look fantastic, a combination of rough luxe and geometry~
I will snap such baskets up when I can. Meanwhile, a few new ones came home too; this is in osier or reed; these are not yet as popular in the U.S. as they are in Europe, but there is a lot to be said for a structured basket; and these are the BEST~
also brought home this blue long-handled tote; we love blue as much as the French! Button closure as well as drawstring pouch closure; this will be for sale in Rancho Santa Fe tomorrow~
the detail~
In comparison, my quality and range is way up there; my prices are competitive with what you find in France, and you don't need to travel to France, just for a basket :) But I did buy a few pieces like these; love the little closure detail, which I don't have~
I have this in mind for a few gifts; I bought several of them!
My favorite purchase is a personal one. A 19C basket for gathering nuts~
the finishings are rustic, and the shape is very pleasing~
the cross bar is finished by hand~
it reminds me of an Oriole's nest. It is functional, sculptural, organic. Keeping this one for a while....
I am ordering a new set from Morocco this week, forgot to mention. Will arrive in time for holiday. Stay tuned for more details....


  1. Oh that gray tray~j'adore!

    I have a similar basket to the covered baskets that I bought in France but it is for my bicycle. :)

  2. I love all kinds of baskets and I have to say I loved every one you shared with us! The last one reminded me of an oriole's nest too! Have a great day!

  3. Welcome home! Are you settled yet? I love everyone of them! Did you get my email?

  4. The flat tray basket is a real find! You don't seem many like that here in the states. At least not that nice. And the blue striped bag... lovely!

  5. I love the old baskets and I am always on the search for a new one to bring home. I also love the tote you filled to carry on the plane. Beautiful photos.
    Hugs, Sherry

  6. Everything is just beautiful! I especially love the one you carried on the plane...and the one with the blue stripes! How wonderful to be able to travel and purchase these! ♥