Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Weekday Market, Beaune

I was up with the sun today, and out early. Wednesday is our weekday market, right around the corner, in the center of Beaune. The market is about 1/20th the size of the blockbuster Saturday market. The locals are there to buy enough food to get through to the weekend. And there were about as many tourists there, to take photos.

I bought 50 tubes of various herbs and spices and vanilla beans; these will go in Christmas Gift baskets. Fifty sounds like a lot, but not really; it is one box. We do a lot of baskets for holiday, and these are French and from France and present beautifully. The rose infusion (above) was very pretty; I'd pair it with the vanilla bean tube.

Herbs de Provence; these are always welcome~
a melange of pepper corns~
There were so many spices; I might buy more on Saturday. Email me if you want some; they are about $2.50 per tube but that's not bad at all.

The other vendors I loved were the guys from the South aka the Midi; tapenade and olives, wonderfully displayed though I noted no sneeze-guard~
Pistounette-home made~ green olives, capers, herbs de provence and such; why didn't I try some of this?
another tapenade, but spicy. made from bell peppers~
I bought a scoop of the olives, and we have already eaten all of them; the herbs de Provence make them over the top~oh, I see I photographed the plain ones, the ones I did not buy~
here the display~
across the way, truffles were available to smell!
and to buy, they were lined up, each with their respective price tags~
There were cepe mushrooms for sale, and I bought a few, but I will wait until Saturday to shoot those. Of course most of the produce today was displayed in baskets. including the echallotes grises (grey shallots) in the very front~

still colorful; and I have my mind set now on finding some of these chalkboard-esque tags, Raquel would love them...
here is another black slate tag; simpler....hmmm where can I find these?

a more traditional, vintage basket~ this presentation makes me want to buy!


  1. The displays do make you want to buy, so pretty. I got my baskets today, love them both!
    My daughter and I opened the box on the porch. We clipped flowers and pulled changing leaves off the dogwood trees and filled our baskets, so fun! She told me banana bread and flowers will go in "her" basket at the market Saturday. I snapped some pictures. Thanks again, they will be well used and enjoyed!

  2. I feel like I have been shopping in the french countryside today Andrea, your photos are lovely. I do think I would take some of each (roses, vanilla, and spices) if you have 10 of each and can fit them in. Let me know. XO

  3. Bonjour Andrea,
    You have found some lovely things to add to your baskets. The tubes filled with roses are my favorite. Thank you for coming by, I owe you an email. You have a beautiful blog.
    Enjoy your time in France, I live in Paris.
    a bientôt,

  4. Andrea what a marvelous way to live life as to spend your Wed. at your local outdoor market to purchase your food for the week. All the colors and smells & I'm sure the people are equally as colorful?!
    I received your magnificent basket yesterday & I can't tell you how much I love it. You did the perfect job of fitting the basket to the person. I will use it and use it. Merci!!!

    Hope you had a lovely Thursday? xo Deb

  5. OH, Those OLIVES!!!!! Have you eaten yourself sick yet? I'd have a serious case of too much good food.

  6. Glee. That's it. Plain and simple. The herbs are just brilliant.