Tuesday, May 5, 2009

L'image du jour, or "Catch me if you can!"

Sometimes I just hate to do a new post because the last one was so perfect. Not to pat myself on the back. But I am proud of what I posted. And I LOVE that photo. Yesterday's post was unusual in that it was very personal. I am in the present, and that was sort of a summary of the past. But that post was for my new friends; I want to legitimize myself, in a sense. I know what I am talking about when I talk about France.

When I lived in Paris, I kept a copy of every letter I wrote, and a few notes. More stories to follow, but I have been tempted to write a book about it all. I frequently included what I called "l'image du jour," whatever interesting thing I saw that day that stuck in my mind and was incredible or funny. I think I got the phrase from Claire Chazal or PPdA, I think so, but I adopted it. I saw a lot of great stuff in Paris.

This morning I looked out the window to see the Laguna Beach Animal Control ("dog catcher") today's "image du jour," going down the street with lights flashing, and a large dog happily running down the middle of the street. The dog was running at a comfortable pace, not flat out, sort of loping as if to say "catch me if you can!" The driver of the Animal Control truck was in pursuit and had his arm and head out the window, calling to the dog, trying to entice it to stop. I have had my own dealings with Animal Control, e.g.when Napoleon exchanged bites with Mama Raccoon after she emptied our pond. They came and picked up 5 babies out of a tree stump. But I have never seen the Animal Control in this mode; Code 3 is lights and sirens on, I can't remember what just lights on is. They went the wrong way down a one way street at the end of the block. No idea what happened to the dog.... here is Napoleon for a doggie photo.

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