Saturday, May 9, 2009

LA today, and Great Lavender

I was in LA today for a school benefit. It was a very entertainment industy crowd; they probably just say "the industry" in LA, right? I did not recognize anyone, but there was one shopper who refused to give her name (required) for the receipt. C'mon, make one up! So she gave "Maria," from behind her had and big sunglasses. I did not recognize her; she was interesting but not striking.
This was the best-managed event I have seen for a school in a long time. It was all top-notch, with the theme carried out extremely well and appropriately. It was all promoted and presented so well today, I give a big Bravo to Cynthia and Robyn and team. They have spent a lot of time on this event.
They had a bunch of kiddie rides including a really nice ferris wheel. It was a 13+ hour day from me, from the time I left til the time I got home, so when I look at this pic now it seems more like a HabiTrail hampster wheel. Keep going, keep going. I was wearing platform 4" wedges all week, so my feet are screaming at me know, though I wore my runners all day. Tomorrow I will be in Brentwood.
If you ever want lavender products, check out which is run by Ellen and her husband and is an organic lavender farm in San Diego area; she has thousands of plants; I have not visited yet but have meant to go. They have the BEST stuff; today I sold out of all the sleep balm (rub under your nose at night and you'll go right to sleep) and bubble bath; my favorites are the intensive hand creme and dryer bags, which will nicely scent any linen closet or drawer. Ellen's products are very true to scent; hard to find a pure scent in commercial lavender products, but her products are the real deal.

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