Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Fro-Yo & Bio-D spoons

What was I saying about feeling like it's summer? It's pretty warm today and while I was out picking up lunch, I decided to stop by the new Yogurt-land store, a self-serve Fro-Yo place. I have never been to a Pinkberry, but my sister had told me to go try Yogurt-land, so I stopped...
I got a huge cup of non fat strawberry-chocolate-pistachio-French vanilla (of course! But unfortunately it was faux-French Vanilla) with some blackberries and mini white chocolate pieces on top; yum-my!
But what I found really interesting were the non-yogurt items: 1) the plastic spoons they give out say "biodegradable" on the back. I'm bringing mine home to throw in the compost and see what it does; it's bright green and sort of flat but very thick, so I'm sure not to lose it in the pile! They also have conventional plastic spoons there, for tasting the yogurt and toppings (why?!); 2) when I asked the guy at the counter for a bunch of biodegradable spoons (I was sharing with the girls) he said "No" and that he's "not allowed to give out more than one"! This is the first time in any store that I've been refused a plastic utensil; usually they just toss about a dozen in your bag; this is a fabulous policy!! 3) He offered me a bag, which I took for my collection, because it says "This earth-friendly bag is made with both recycled and recyclable plastic. Please reuse." There is no plastic bag that is remotely Earth-friendly in my book, but it's a very interesting attempt. I was glad to see at least the bag is made in the U.S.
There is nothing on their website that talks about the eco-friendly aspects of the stores, but bravo on cutting down on waste; now if only they would get rid of those plastic bags!

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