Thursday, May 7, 2009

Summer preview

I am ordering some new merchandise for summer, which will be here within the next month.
I am going to have some great baskets from Morocco; I had some of the same ones last summer but they sold immediately.
This is the nicest one; I call it Bandol, because it has bandouliere-style buttery soft leather handles that you can fit over your shoulder. It's nice for a little light farmers market shopping, or errands. It's a perfect size, not too big, not too small, and the shape means things won't get squished and you can get at your stuff.
I'll have the Aix basket in the adorable small size again; it is fully lined and trimmed in buttery leather.
Also the St. Paul basket, with double leather supports in medium and large sizes.
Most of the time you see the Morocco baskets with the flat leather straps; St. Paul model has them, but I prefer the ones with the buttery soft handles. I have seen the Bandol or Aix baskets for sale in France, but not here in the U.S.
I'll post when the merchandise is here!

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