Friday, May 22, 2009

Playing Favorites

I hear it at least several times a week: I can't decide. It's so not like me, but I really just can't decide...which one is your favorite....?" Don't ask me to pick my favorite basket. I love all the colors and all the styles ('cuz I chose them, duh!), and they are each great for different reasons, depending on the time of year and the use; I won't go through the litany. So I have taken to having what I call my "current favorite." And my current favorite is the Antibes ombre, in rose pink or fresh green; as we move into summer, I'll want the orange or yellow, for the beach. Not all of these colors are on the website; they are available at my farmers markets, or call for details. I just ordered more of these since I am crazy about them; they are an awesome bag, especially in XXL for the beach.
When it comes to naming my other "favorites," it's generally a little tough to pin me down. Favorite color, food, city, song, flower, metal, candle fragrance or whatever, don't ask!
There are a few absolutes, though. Favorite period of (art) history: definitely the 19th century. I'll do a post on that this weekend. Favorite drink: definitely Champagne. Champagne is good any-where, any-time, any-place, with any food or no food at all. Buy French if you drink it on its own, or California sparkling if you're doing mimosas. I once was going to a dinner party with a Moroccan theme; I called the hostess to confirm and to say that I would be bringing a heft of champagne; she said "Champagne goes with Moroccan food?" Champagne goes with any food, Darling. Champagne is always correct!

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