Saturday, May 30, 2009

Summer Palette

Here in Laguna, we know when the calendar rolls to June 1, because yesterday it was overcast everywhere else in the county but misting here, and it's been rather gray all day: we call it June Gloom. We have it worse in Laguna because of the way the winds blow and the"Catalina Island effect". So we settle in for a month of gray and then by July 1st it's hot and sunny with a mild sea breeze and in the 70's+.
Suddenly today, I was feeling ready for summer baskets. I have been fiddling around with a few basket combinations for a little photo shoot; I am going to have an ad in a local paper supplement covering all of South County in June.
Today there was a young woman at the booth with her boyfriend and her mother (super nice, repeat shopper). The daughter was wearing casual white pants, a blue tank top and a red sporty jacket with a white stripe. Her choice of basket: the Orange Cap Ferrat. Raffia, no black trim on top but black handles and covered corners. This is the second time this week someone with a keen eye has chosen this exact basket, and it's a solid winner. Fresh, young, a little cutting edge in an unexpected color. It rounded out what she was wearing perfectly, adding "bright" but cutting the patriotic look of the red/white/blue.
The addition of the orange was so great, I tweaked the photos I was setting up and here is the result; I think it will be great in print!!

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