Sunday, May 17, 2009

Pali HS Plastic Bag Monster

I have so many posts I could do about this weekend, but I want to start with two dear brave souls who went around the Pacific Palisades farmers market, one dressed as a plastic bag monster, to raise awareness of plastic bags. They did a fine job!! They gave me a count, I think it was about 90 bags on this kid.
They are in an environmental group at Pacific Palisades High (dit "Pali High") and they took up plastic bags as their cause. It takes a lot of guts for these kids to get out and do this, and I sent them on their way with a some free sets of net bags, rolls of bio bags and a few business cards and told them to call me if I can ever help their cause or if they want to do a no-plastic fundraiser on campus.
So bravo to the Pali Bag Monsters; one way or another we will be rid of plastic in a few years. More on that.....

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