Saturday, May 23, 2009

Memorializing the Day

Welcome to Memorial Day Weekend! When asked if I have a store, I used to say "no," but now I say, "Corona del Mar farmers market." Yes, I am a frustrated shopkeeper! I treat my booth like a window display, and I keep it updated and seasonal. I hope you love today's setup; everyone commented on it!!! Bunting sheeting, bunting fans, American flags and lots of fuchsia, red, white and blue. I sold a ton of sets of net bags tied with red white and blue raffia. Chic, eco, holiday. Perfect.

I went out around 9am to get some produce to hang in the net bags--my samples-- and when I returned, there was a man sitting in my chair, the chair that I never sit in because I am too busy fluffing merch and talking to customers. But my Mom was there today, and she and he were engaged in conversation, which I then joined. As if right on cue, he is a WWII veteran, conscripted when he was 20 and then re-enlisted for a few more years. He had some great tales of the War and the 101st Airborne, as well as a great US Flag hat. We talked for at least an hour, and we covered the waterfront on topics, including his beauty secrets: he smashes avocado on his face once a week and then eats some of the leftover mash; I must say he had nice smooth skin, so maybe there's something to that! He is almost 90 by my deduction. Finally, he confessed that he needed a basket to hold his money when he went gambling, and to buy avocados. He likes the slot machines, so needed something to hold the change. What the heck. I sent him on his way with the most masculine little bag I had, a tiny natural St. Remy, and a small produce bag. The stories were worth the price of the basket. He then went across the way to Kelly the Pasta Lady, because he thought "she might be giving out free stuff" (she does have great samples, see second photo).

We have many Europeans at this market; today I met the loveliest Norweigan lady; she came with her little panier en osier, braided edge, the same one I bought in Austria years ago that I left behind in NY :( Next trip to France, I'll bring one back, because they are just adorable. She went too fast on her name, even for me, but here she is in front of the booth and she said she'll see me next time. R is 96% Norweigan so Norweigans get special treatment from me; a wonderful wonderful people.

Finally, I stopped at Trader Joes on the way home. I have to make many jars of pesto this weekend, by request. But I also loaded up on Hydrangeas, which is really sick because my garden is all hand water, and hydrangeas mean "water me daily." I also got some fab basil plants for $2.99! Pinch pinch pinch before they go bitter on me. On the way out, I looked at the bin for the weekly reusable bag drawing; I have NEVER seen so many tickets in that bucket!! I asked the manager if I could take a photo and he responded "I don't see you" so I quickly took my photo and bolted. Have a great Red White and Blue Memorial Day Weekend!

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