Friday, May 8, 2009

Free Compost, Free Movie

The Laguna Indy hits the driveway on Friday morning now. It used to arrive on Saturday, from a cute little redheaded kid that wasn't totally enthusiastic, but who wants to walk around now with a sandwich carrier full of papers on a Saturday morning? My brother and sisters and I used to have a paper route for the News Post, and we did it on our bikes and split up the route so it was OK.

But I digress. I read the Indy when it arrived today, and in addition to seeing that the French Basketeer ad had moved from the last page of Section B to Section A :))) I read a small notice that I look for this time of year: FREE COMPOST! This is available to Laguna residents; last few years I've been there with a garbage can and a shovel and bags and made several car or truck loads. I am greedy when it comes to free compost, since my own pile can't keep up to my needs. It takes me a week or two or three to get the Green Gold distributed. It's actually closer to a fine mulch, but that's OK. I get my mulch in bulk at Aginagua's in Irvine, try the Forest Floor, I love it.

Anyway, tomorrow is the day, and I am double booked so I will miss it this year. But I am sending some friends in my place and I hope to see some bags on the drive when I get home from LA.

There is also a free movie screening tonight for Peak Oil, I think is the name. Our oil consumption is incredible as most of you know, and accepting all those plastic bags sure doesn't help. One day, one day. I totally did not focus on this movie; too busy right now. And with tomorrow's schedule I'm not going out, I'm frittering away my time with a blog post!
I am not about to post a shot of my compost pile; I thought to do something a little prettier. Here is a shot R took in France that he is very proud of; I use it a lot; vendors tend to use plastic crates or something to display their produce here, but in France it's mostly in baskets, and it's not specifically staged, it's just the way it always is....I did an earlier post on this, too, you don't get "mushrooms" in France, you get them 10 ways. Makes me feel good and feel like cooking a hearty meal when I see this photo....Good weekend to you!
btw I got a lot of calls today from people who saw the ad and who will be at the market tomorrow; we will be set up for Mother's Day gift baskets.

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