Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Pavillions Going Green

Tonight I ran into the Pavillions in Newport Coast. They have a nice little reminder at the door (see photo) to run back to the car and get your reusable bags. Then, just inside the door, they have a reusable bag for sale made of 65% recycled plastic bottles, which is part of a "green line" of 100% recycled paper products etc. I am going to go back today to check on the line and see where it's made; my guess is China but we'll see. They are also selling the Edison-subsidized light bulbs there right inside the door.
This Pavillions is particularly large, and everything in the store seems to be made for those who are "livin' large." It's all pretty big and flashy. But I really do like the gigantic displays they do; someone loves to stack boxes of Coke; and at Holiday, cases of wine. Where you'll find a dozen cases of Veuve Clicquot in Laguna's Pavillions, here you'll find 75. It makes an impressive display!

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