Monday, May 18, 2009

Jennifer's Cart, Reflection of Her Style

Every farmers market has a different feel, and a different energy. The space to be occupied has a lot to do with the energy. When people are close, in a smaller space, the energy gets concentrated and amplified.
This was the case yesterday in Pali; it's a much smaller space than Brentwood, for example, which is quite expansive. Even Calabasas and CdM feel larger. But it was still a good energy, like a tight, NYC type of energy. Lots of activity, lots of talking and lots of hawking.
Onto this scene came Jennifer McColm and her sister, late morning; if you don't know Jennifer, she is the mastermind CEO behind the many California Certified Farmers Markets in LA, ( and in addition to being a very gracious person, she is a savy business lady and an ardent advocate of a greener lifestyle, all with a keen eye to style and shape and color. I first met Jennifer in Calabasas market, last year; she instantly recognized that I had a European feel to my booth: European baskets, natural products, displayed in an unpretentious style, in baskets of osier blanc rather than plastic crates.
So it made me really happy to see Jennifer arrive at the Pali market with her French Basketeer honey colored rolling cart/market basket. She was in a long maxi-dress (why do they call them maxi when Jen is so mini-skinny?!) She looked fab and the Elle Magazine cameras were lapping it all up! She arrived with her empty cart, and when she came back around, the cart was full, of the most beautiful flowers, perfectly arranged. I had a dozen ladies come inquire about "Jennifer's rolling basket". Could I ask for a better spokes-model??
Jennifer always comes by to chat when I see her at the markets, but this was a special day; we waved at each other and I was really happy for her to be in the spotlight!! I got a few shots of her flowers in her cart so here they are. She has a wonderful blog too:

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