Wednesday, May 6, 2009

East Coast Orders

I got up at the crack o' dawn this morning to finish the last of the orders from the New York show, which will ship to New Jersey, Rhode Island, Massachusetts and Pennsylvania. French Basketeer products are now sold up and down the eastern seaboard, in every state on the coast between Maine and Maryland. I have a few in the Midwest too, so we are now in 15 states nationwide. My wholesale clients on the east coast are a nice group and I hope they do well with their merch this spring and summer! They are a broad mix of stores: mostly what I would call "specialty retail" but there are also some spas and beach resorts, a monogram shop, and a general store (which is across from a farmers market and will do a nice window display with the net bags).

Last fall I took my niece to college in central Pennsylvania. My family knows I can find my way there from Newark without a map and with one eye closed, so I got voted the one to go! The town she is in is small and "cute". I had to explain a few things to her, about the state controlling the liquor etc. Look at this beer barn! The hottest place in town was "the Freez"-- it had a line a mile long.

It was a 36 hour trip to get there, get her settled in her new dorm, do a little antiquing and a lot of driving, and get back here to finish a 3 day show I was doing. I was looking for an "east coast" photo and these are the most recent, so here they are!

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