Monday, May 25, 2009

Memorial Feast & Flowers

I had intended to get a bunch of stuff done today, and I accomplished most of it. I got my sister set up for some decorations and flowers very early in the day, then some grocery shopping, and I bought most of my tomato plants.
We had a gang over later this afternoon, for home-made ribs, potato salad, warm frisee salad w bleu cheese and bacon chunks, then 5 layer coconut cake and ice cream. Just so no one thinks I'm a French snob, I got the most adorable little demi-Corona's. I put them here in my little hotel silver ice bucket, and don't they look fab? I binged on flowers this weekend, for 4 of us. It made everyone very happy. R took most of the photos; he's a great shot. Happy Memorial Day everyone!!

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